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Closed Joint-Stock Company "Design and Engineering Company KOMPENSATOR“ was founded in 2012. The commitment of our company is, to support technical institutes as well as customers in the solution process finding solutions for tasks of highest complexity, in the use of expansion joints, by providing engineering services of highest quality.

 Closed Joint-Stock Company "Design and Engineering Company KOMPENSATOR“ offers a complete range of engineering services for analysis, design and calculation; e.g. stress analysis of complex piping systems, life cycle calculation, flow calculation, vibration analysis, etc.

 To meet the requirements of our customers, our specialists have the capability to support projects along the whole chain, from the first idea until realization, with the focus of permanent optimization of costs, from research and development activities until theoretical analysis and final design. Very often, a project starts with a feasibility study, which may lead into a recommendation for realization, e.g. a concept for a complete piping system, consisting of different components as valves, armatures or expansion joints, including realization and approval of it.

 Closed Joint-Stock Company "Design and Engineering Company KOMPENSATOR“ stands for nothing less than High-Tech. Our highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians is working with most modern tools (FEM, FMEA, 3D-CAD, etc.) and guarantees state of the art technology. Our team is very excited to be allowed to help our customers solving problems relating to the use of expansion joints, even they might be of highest complexity.

In the following fields of applications, we are very experienced

  • Petrochemical (Refineries)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Metallurgy (Steel Industry)
  • Power-Heat-Cogeneration
  • Nuclear Industry


Equipment and accessories

 Closed Joint-Stock Company "Design and Engineering Company KOMPENSATOR“ guarantees attention to every customer and allocation of competences and resources. We gladly support our customers in in finding the right and correct technical, and the same time most economical solution. We do not depend on any manufacturer or supplier, but are looking independently for the most optimized solution or alternative, always having the realization in mind. 

On customer’s request, „Design and Engineering Company KOMPENSATOR“ offers the complete management incl. realization of the project, with full responsibility. This option includes engineering, supplying all goods and final inspection and approval. „Design and Engineering Company KOMPENSATOR“ is working together with best Russian and foreign manufacturers, of great reputation and well known for their quality. This international network established is based on good contacts and allows productive and effective operations, even with difficult tasks and individual solutions, independent from the customer’s geographical place of location.

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